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Yoga Lessons
Intensive Yoga
Intensive Power Yoga is a unique style created by our studio director: Alberto Jorge. It will make you stronger, more flexible and happier, raising your self-esteem day by day.High Level Style.
Fusion Yoga
FUSION YOGA is, as its name says, a fusion and combination of two different styles: VINYASA YOGA (a dynamic yoga) and our main style, POWER YOGA (with its roots in Asthanga Yoga). It is then an intermediate level between our INTEGRAL and INTENSIVE classes. Yoga lovers will just need it!
Integral Yoga
A class suitable for everyone, beginners and advanced, that is based on teachings of Hatha, Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga. It is an appointment with yourself! Calm your anxiety through the basic techniques of postures (asanas), breathing (pranayama) and meditation.
Through Vipassana Meditation we train our mind and attend to all aspects of ourselves that need our attention to be healed, integrated and accepted. Thus a transformation, an internal alchemy, with a deep understanding of who we are is produced. Meditation will be in silent.
Power Air/Power Air Family
A style of Yoga based on techniques from Air Yoga/Aerial Yoga with Power Yoga. (RESERVATION REQUIRED).
It's the Saturday morning workshop class that blends together perfectly everything we do during the week in all of the other classes, alternating teachers and styles. Start your weekend at Power Yoga Canarias... discovering more about the yoga life style!.
Restorative Yoga
It is the genlte class designed at Power Yoga Canarias intended for every-body, including BEGINNERS and PREGNANT*. It uses Power Yoga energy of our School but more subtly, more YIN. A less dynamic class so that your body can regenerate, stay healthy and adapt to the practice of Yoga gradually.
*Prenatal yoga improves circulation, reduces water retention and improves breathing, a technique so important to help with relaxation during delivery.

Monthly unlimited pass

  • Remember that with UNLIMITED PASS you can come every day, whenever you want!!!65€
  • Reduce*55€
More unlimited pass
  • 1 week**45€
  • 2 week**55€
  • 3 month175€
  • 6 month330€
  • 1 Year600€
*People younger than 20 y/o and older than 60 y/o
Rates "mini"
  • 3 class pack33€

    (to be used within a month period)

  • 6 class pack55€

    (to be used within a 3 month period)

  • Single class 12€
  • 1 month meditation class15€