Hyperbaric chamber

You will feel the benefits from the first session! 

What is it?

The hyperbaric chamber is a place inside which an individual can breathe pure oxygen or oxygen-rich compressed air, at pressure levels significantly higher than those present in ambient air. What motivates the use of such a high pressure inside hyperbaric chambers is the fact that the latter guarantees greater accessibility to oxygen to the human organism.



From the air we breathe we can only acquire a maximum of 21% O2 ... If you could get a hyperoxygenation of all the cells in your body by absorbing 100% O2 What would happen...?

- Helps to cure diabetes, allergies and cardiovascular and degenerative diseases

- Regenerates tissues damaged by fractures, aging, decalcification or infections

- Oxygenates and revitalizes all cells

- Accelerates the metabolism of fats helping you to achieve your ideal weight

- Detoxify your body and purify your mind

- Anti-aging effect

- Combat insomnia, sleep better than ever

- Improve physical and mental performance by promoting your sports practice

- Stimulates and strengthens your immune system

- Shorten injury recovery time

- Intense therapy against sexual impotence

- Increases and detoxifies blood flow

- Restructures the nervous system

- Regenerates and strengthens all bodily functions


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Bonuses and prices

PYC Student

  • 1 Session 40€
  • 5 Sessions175€
  • 10 Sessions300€
No PYC Student
  • 1 Session 45€
  • 5 Sessions 200€
  • 10 Sessions350€